How To Instruct Us

Enquiries about instructing our firm should normally be referred to our Partner who can advise as to suitability, availability and fees.

Instructions do not have to be in any particular form. The main requirement is that the relevant information is provided so far as practicable. Instructions and advice can be given by telephone where convenient or necessary. Email is regularly used.

Instructions are accepted in accordance with the Professional Code of Conduct of the Malaysian Bar. In summary, instructions are accepted from solicitors, registered foreign lawyers outside Malaysia, members of various approved professions and approved organizations in the world. Instructions can also be accepted from other persons for work to be performed outside Malaysia. Please contact the Partner if you require further information.

Instructions are normally received in English. However, we are competent or fluent in other languages including Malay and Mandarin. Please contact our office if you wish to include documents in these languages in instructions to us.

We aim to provide a high quality service at a fair price. Fees generally reflect the experience of the individual partner and the nature and value of the work. Our partner is always happy to deal with enquiries about fees and will give as much guidance as possible in individual cases.

Our fees are normally rendered in RM or US$ but alternatives are accepted where appropriate. RM or US$ Service tax is generally applicable at the standard rate of 6% and enquiries about tax and billing arrangements should be directed to the partner.


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