MSI Global Alliance organised a Global Mergers & Acquisitions

MSI Global Alliance organised a Global Mergers & Acquisitions

MSI Global Alliance organised a Global Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

On 28 January 2021, MSI Global Alliance organised a Global Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) online meeting among the members. Rahayu Partnership as only Malaysia’s member from the legal sector has joined the conference. Mrs Rahayu Abd Ghani as the partner of the firm, participated in the global meeting.

The Global M&A meeting explored several topics. Such as:

  1.  How the global market has been affected by recent occurrences.
  2. Current M&A opportunities
  3. What your clients are asking and how you can assist
  4. Business development opportunities worldwide

As Malaysia’s only legal representative in the meeting, Mrs Rahayu contributed her input about Malaysia. Due to Malaysia being the hub for glove manufacturing, foreign companies have ample opportunities to acquire or merge with and or for investors to invest in Malaysia’s glove manufacturing companies.

Additionally, Malaysia is also a raw material producer (rubber), which is an essential component for the glove manufacturing business.

Based on these points, Malaysia is a natural choice for foreign companies/investors who are looking for M&A opportunities with exponential short term growth leveraging on the current world demands for gloves in light of the current pandemic.

Hence, we look forward to providing our legal service to the business opportunities as mentioned above.

By Rahayu Partnership, Malaysia
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Rahayu Partnership is a boutique law firm specializing largely in admiralty, marine insurance and general and commercial litigation work. The firm is part of the Joseph Tan Jude Benny (JTJB) Global Network and this unique association with JTJB has made us the most dynamic and progressive maritime law firm in Malaysia, exporting our skills and services to the world. Our firm has considerable expertise in both contentious and non-contentious aspects of shipping law, advising on matters ranging from ship arrest and release, collision, charter parties, sale & purchase of ships, cargo claims to marine casualties and from admiralty processes to insurance law.

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