Nabilah’s pupillage

Nabilah’s pupillage

Nabilah's pupillage

Her name is Nabilah Jaafar and she is 25-year-old. She completed her law journey at UKM and began her pupillage in 2019. She recently was retained by Rahayu Partner firm as a legal associate. Her pupillage journey was rather adventurous, but it ended well. Read her bumpy pupillage journey as below.

Law aside, Nabilah also enjoys being a food hunter during her weekend. She too spends her leisure time to go for a hike and fishing with her family. Meditation is a crucial routine for her to manage her stress. But, sometimes, chocolate works slightly better for her.

As the firm’s new blood, we look forward to continuing to witness her growth in the firm.

The Pupillage Experience

Pupillage is the compulsory process for anyone who wanted to be a lawyer. Like most law graduates, Nabilah was ready for the last part of her law journey and applied to a few law firms. Her overall pupillage experience was excruciating yet rewarding.

She worked in two law firms during her pupillage.

First law firm

It was a medium-firm and Nabilah was with another 9-10 pupils. There were many restrictions in the firm. Such as, pupils can’t eat in the pantry, no individual desktop or workspace, etc. The purpose of going through a pupillage is to learn how to manoeuvre in the legal profession. Yet, the law firm prioritizes something else, such as completing clerical work or dispatch.

Also, the firm’s culture was one of a kind. Pupils were not allowed to leave the office before 7 pm even they are done for the day. The environment in that firm has significantly restrained Nabilah from growing. Despite knowing the pupillage would be challenging, it was still beyond Nabilah’s capacity.

Nabilah leapt and decided to leave the firm after two weeks working there. It was a tough decision, yet the best decision she has ever made.

Second law firm

Nabilah resigned without any job offers. She took her time off and had faith in herself. Luckily, she successfully secured another pupillage opportunity in Rahayu Partnership.

Rahayu Partnership is a more compatible law firm for her. It provided a better working environment for her to grow and focus on learning the legal profession’s actual bits. Her master was Mrs Rahayu and their working dynamic was relatively smooth. It was a safer space for Nabilah to grow.

When Nabilah was handling a completely new law area, she could take her time to grasp on it. Usually, it would take around 2-3 months to adapt to a new law area. However, even Nabilah took a more extended time to familiar with the new law area. Her master was patiently guiding her through the process.

In short, Nabilah concluded that her pupillage was comfortable and akin to a miracle. She was glad that she took the leap and believed in herself.

Memorable Event During the Pupillage

The most memorable event for Nabilah is the long call that held online. Due to the pandemic, everything has to be online. Her family members and her master couldn’t be there for her.

Yet, her once in a lifetime long call was in her room. None of her family members was able to witness her success. Her master couldn’t put on the robe for her. Nabilah had to robe herself and accept the fact that there won’t be another long call.

It was one of her most regretful life events.

Her Takeaway From The Pupillage

Be the risk-taker. Choose the right law firm for yourself to grow. Do not compromise your mental health for the sake of completing your pupillage. Believe your value and have faith in yourself.

Disclaimer: This article portrays her personal experience and does not infer entire Malaysia’s law firms culture is being that way.

By Rahayu Partnership, Malaysia
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