Zoom conference with Rockwill & AsSalihin

Zoom conference with Rockwill & AsSalihin

Zoom conference Rockwill & AsSalihin

On 30 January 2021, Rockwill & AsSalihin organised a zoom conference about the function of a will and wasiat in estate planning.

AsSalihin zoom conference is about the importance of having a wasiat (will). As this is to ensure the administration after your loved one passed way would have a smooth process.

A properly drafted will would secure the best interest of the deceased. Yet, while a piece of paper that contains the deceased’s wishes might cause confusion without a proper format. In short, a proper drafted wasiat (will) by AsSalihin and any other lawyer having the expertise to advise can safeguard the best interests of the deceased and execute their wishes precisely.

Azlin as the observer in the zoom conference was to stay relevant as one of the panel lawyer of Rockwill and AsSalihin.

It was a necessary meeting to affirm further the importance of having a wasiat and estate planning for the clients. “

By Rahayu Partnership, Malaysia
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