Exit Testimonial From Rahayu Partnership’s Ex- Employee

Exit Testimonial From Rahayu Partnership’s Ex- Employee

Exit Testimonial From Rahayu Partnership’s Ex- Employee

In the month of May, Rahayu Partnership has few employees that left the firm. We managed to interview one of them to share about their thoughts of their exit.

Hereby, it’s the interview between our ex- employee and the firm.
(Fatin Nabilah Zulkepi = FNZ, Rahayu Partnership = RP)

RP : Briefly introduce yourself. How long have you been working with the firm?

FNZ: My name is Fatin Nabilah Zulkepli. I started my career exposure as a Legal Attachment student for 3 months at Rahayu Partnership in 2016. Graduated law school in 2017 and pursued my pupillage at Rahayu Partnership on the same year. After completing pupillage, I was called to the Malaysian Bar in 2018 and continued to work with Rahayu Partnership as a Legal Associate up until April 2021.

RP: What was the most memorable part working with the firm
FNZ: The most memorable part of working with Rahayu Partnership is definitely the working culture and environment:

  • I was given the flexibility to work from anywhere and it encouraged me to work efficiently.
  • Casual clothes are allowed in the office which is a bonus as I am able to focus better in comfortable clothes.
  • For the most part, my boss, Puan Rahayu, is a pleasure to work with as she is the most level-headed person I know. She has always accepted and encouraged my mistakes, as long as I have learnt from them, and because of that, I was able to work and learn in Rahayu Partnership in a healthy environment and positive mindset.

RP: One word to describe the firm. Why?
FNZ: My first workplace. It is where I started and have grown career wise.

RP: What would you miss the most after you left the firm?
FNZ: Everything

RP: What do you think about your colleagues?
FNZ: Awesome. Everyone minds their own business in Rahayu Partnership, so there is no drama.

RP: Did the firm helped you in building your professional career? How?
FNZ: Yes. Rahayu Partnership has molded me into the corporate lawyer that I am now. Under the guidance of Puan Rahayu, I polished my skills and gained knowledge which of course contributed to enhancing my marketability.

It’s unfortunate that we couldn’t keep her any longer with us. Yet, we wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

By Rahayu Partnership, Malaysia
Law Firm Website: www.rahayupartnership.com


Rahayu Partnership is a boutique law firm specializing largely in admiralty, marine insurance and general and commercial litigation work. The firm is part of the Joseph Tan Jude Benny (JTJB) Global Network and this unique association with JTJB has made us the most dynamic and progressive maritime law firm in Malaysia, exporting our skills and services to the world. Our firm has considerable expertise in both contentious and non-contentious aspects of shipping law, advising on matters ranging from ship arrest and release, collision, charter parties, sale & purchase of ships, cargo claims to marine casualties and from admiralty processes to insurance law.

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