Law Articles and News

Law Articles and News

Ship Arrest Gone Wrong

A ship may be arrested in Malaysia as long as the arresting party’s claim falls under any of the provisions of Section 20 (2) and Section 21 of the Supreme Court Act 1981 of England and Wales. A Party who wants to arrest a ship in Malaysia must strictly  …

Shipowners Limitation of Liability - Actual Fault and Privity - Malaysia

Every ship that sails around the world has an Owner and in most cases ship management is entrusted to another company.

Ship Arrest as Security for Arbitration Claim: Post the Arbitration (Amendment) Act 2011 - Malaysia

Where a ship is arrested and judicially sold, the proceeds are used to pay off the claimants.

Marine Insurance: Institute Cargo Clauses ( “ICC”) 2009

The archaic term “servants” in Clause 4.3 of ICC 1982 has been replaced with the term “employees” in Clause 4.3 of ICC 2009″. The new ICC 2009 now has terms more favorable to the assured.

Carriers Liability Insurers - to Pay or Not to Pay - Malaysia

It is therefore important for parties entering into contracts and agreements to seriously consider the implied and express conditions/term of the contract or the agreement.