Legal Associate

LLB (Hons), University of Leeds, UK
Certificate of Legal Practice (CLP)
Advocate & Solicitor, Malaysia
Called to the Malaysian Bar: 2019

Tee Michelle was formally a Pupil-in Chambers and is currently a Legal Associate of Rahayu Partnership.Michelle graduated from the University of Leeds, UK with a Bachelor of Laws Honours Degree in 2015 and upon completing her Certificate in Legal Practice in 2016, she was called to the Malaysian Bar in 2019.

Basic Information
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+6 03 22872322

Prior to commencing her pupillage, she was employed as a full-time Legal Advisor in Rockwills Trustee Berhad (708932-T) under Legacy Management.

Her job scope included, inter alia, appointing panel Advocates and Solicitors for the application for the Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration for estates of deceased clients, liaising with third-parties [i.e. the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN), banks, insurance companies, investment brokers, etc.] on behalf of the estate, facilitating the transmission and transfer of movable and immovable assets in the estates, dealing with the respective Trust accounts for assets held on trust by the Executor, and handling the overall administration of clients’ estates (testate and intestate).

During her employment, she had also dealt with various contentious matters involving, inter alia, claims against the estates, caveats entered by third-parties on individual estates, tax-related matters brought against estates by LHDN, and other disputes by beneficiaries, heirs or next-of-kin during the administration of the estates.

Michelle was promoted to the position of Senior Legal Advisor before deciding to pursue her pupillage in Messrs. Rahayu Partnership in October 2018.

PRACTICE AREAS (non-exhaustive):

Michelle has been exposed to a full range of Inheritance (Wills, Probate and Trust), Conveyancing, Civil and Contract cases (mainly non-contentious).

Her exposure includes:

  • Drafting of Last Will and Testaments;
  • Applications for the relevant Grant of Representation (Probate/Letters of Administration) in the High Court of Malaya, KL;
  • Immense knowledge and experience in the application for Sijil Faraid at the Kuala Lumpur Syariah Court;
  • Drafting and execution of Vesting Orders;
  • Drafting and execution of Distribution Orders and/or any specific variation of the distribution of assets;
  • Drafting and execution of Power of Attorney;
  • Drafting and execution of Trust Deeds;
  • Entering and Withdrawing of Caveats on estates;
  • Drafting and execution of Sale and Purchase Agreements, Tenancy Agreements, and various other Facility Agreements;
  • Transmission of Movable/Immovable Assets to Trustees/Guardians of Minors or Incapable Persons;
  • Transfer/assignment of land/property by way of Will or Distribution/Vesting Order;
  • Transfer/assignment of land/property for Trust Corporations;
  • Immense knowledge and experience in the transfers of Malay Reserve Lands;
  • Handling of tax-related matters relating to living and deceased persons (i.e. estate income tax);
  • Drafting of Joint Venture Agreements for sole-proprietors, partnerships, and corporations.
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