A WILL is made to help you to spell out how your estate should be dealt with at the moment you leave your loved one.

The Steps

  1. Fill in & Submit the related information form.
  2. We will E-mail or WhatsApp (according to your preferred contact method) with the legal solution and quotation
  3. Upon confirmation of the quotation, you may send us the documents required, interview form together with the deposit payment.
  4. We will make a quick phone call / video call interview with you to collect more information from you.
  5. We will proceed to drafting and/or preparation of documents and/or agreements.
  6. We will send the draft for your perusal and approval. (For Will, Letter of Demand and Agreements).
  7. Once you confirm the draft, we will arrange the signing appointment. (For Letter of Demand, we will post out the letter)

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